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Take a shot for me ♥

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One day I Started From the Bottom so I prayed to the 6 God. He told me I was on my Worst Behavior and he didn't know if I deserved his help. Its hard out here for a pimp, what was I suppose to do? I asked him if he could Take a Shot for Me even though it wasn't what I was Used To. He told me, "
Know Yourself hoe. Get that shit right. I said "Yea, you right bruh" We smoked a spliff, ate some Chinese Food, and went our separate ways.

My bitch kept calling me so I took her to Marvin's Room and threw her the D yo. She kept bitchin' about my Hotline Bling and was trying to leave. I'm like, "Yo... Just Hold On, We're Going Home ", hitting that shit. Bitch grabbed my iPhone 6Plus (go big or go home), and threw that bitch. I'm like BEEEETCH! DAFUQ?! Now I'm going Back To Back, trying not to slap this bitch. I kicked her ass to the curve. #FBGM

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